As far back as I can remember, I doodled castles, trees and spaceships as a child in New Mexico.  I continued to nurture and hone my skill through high school and beyond. I recall a time when my art was shown at the local library and one of the reviews printed in the local paper called my work satanic.  It was most likely teenage angst.  I found this humorous, but was more impressed that someone had taken notice of my work.

Creating art has always been an act of cathartic meditation for me; I lose track of space and time and often feel like I give control of myself over to a higher power.  I love the way my mind goes quiet and challenges me to create an image that exists only in my imagination; it’s a dance between reality and my mind that plays out on the canvas and I am often surprised at the end result.

As of late, my art has evolved to encompass the ideas of a visual transcendence into light, nature in its serene state and the dualities of symmetry.


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